Artificial Intelligence vs. Piracy

“Piracy is an insidious and damaging force that is stifling creativity and eroding the value of artistic works. By depriving artists and creators of the rewards and recognition they deserve, it undermines the vitality of the creative sector and threatens the livelihoods of those who depend on it.”
Make sure your assets are protected as valuable pieces in the Intellectual property world!

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Protect Your Brand's Future with Trademark Registration: Detect, Protect and, Prosper

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Publicity Rights
If you seek to redress the harm caused by the unlawful use of your publicity right in the digital area, we can help!
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“Try it or you'll lose profit due to piracy”
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Our customers are provided with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If their requests are not handled within the allocated time frame, the service fee will be fully refunded.

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Our Machine Learning model has been developed to swiftly detect, verify, and take down any unauthorized content.

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We are proudly a member of Google's Trusted Copyright Removal Program (TCRP) with unique perks.

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We have three teams situated in three distinct time zones, providing our elite customers with round-the-clock support and assistance.

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Pellonia has been becoming the one-stop-shop for handling all our copyright infringements on various channels: Saving us time and energy!

Niels Hapke



Excellent service, I am a creator of paid content and the Pellonia team saved me by closing the content filtering groups, they also helped me register my brand in Canada in record time, this process takes months in my country and they managed to do it in a week , if you no longer want to fear telegram, a platform full of pirates, I recommend this service

Pipe Silva



Pellonia did a great job removing pirated links of our game from all across the web Communication was also on point and fast.

BlackCube Games


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