Combat online piracy in Google search result

December 28, 2022

Google is a widely used search engine that helps people find what they are searching for. However, it can be harmful to your business if unauthorized content appears in the search results. As a member of Google's Trusted Copyright Removal Program (TCRP), we can quickly delist any search results that infringe on your rights. To learn more about this process, please read the following article.

Pellonia has harnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence to combat piracy. Over the past two years, we have developed a technology that efficiently locates, verifies, and removes infringing content from Google search results and other platforms. Our automated system searches the web, social media, and messaging apps to locate infringing content and promptly removes it. We are dedicated to providing fast and effective solutions to stop piracy.

Automatic Pirate Finder:

To use our service, simply provide us with the original link to the content you wish to protect. Our automated system will create a unique fingerprint for the content and then search the web for any pirated versions. We will provide you with a list of any infringing links that we find and work to remove them. Protecting your content has never been easier with our cutting-edge technology.

Automatic Verification:

DMCA — § 512(f) Misrepresentations Section 512(f) deters false claims of infringement by imposing liability on anyone who makes such claims, for the damages suffered by other parties as a result of the OSP’s reliance on the false claim, and for associated legal fees.

In order to ensure the highest level of accuracy, we have implemented an Artificial Intelligence-powered system that verifies the authenticity of content with a 99% success rate. Our system employs various methods to detect pirated content, including using an Artificial Neural Network to analyze the contents of a webpage and using a unique fingerprint generated from your digital content. This allows us to accurately verify any direct links available on the webpage and ensure that only authorized versions of your content are being shared online.

Automatic Removal:

While it is important to identify and verify infringing content, it is equally crucial to have a reliable method for removing it. That's where Pellonia comes in. As one of the few services in the world that offers an unlimited, fast takedown service on Google, we are able to quickly and effectively remove pirated links through our partnership with Google. Our automated system can submit a large number of infringing links for removal within milliseconds. Trust us to meet your needs and safeguard your content.

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