How can I protect my content in Telegram by Telegram DMCA ?

September 19, 2022

What is the reason for Telegram's high piracy rate? 

With over 500 million users, Telegram is a popular messaging application. It is more than just a messaging app; it allows you to create channels that publish all types of content, including music, videos, and books. Also, different types of bots can be created, which can be used for large-scale content distribution. This is why Telegram is so popular for piracy! Telegram's ecosystem is highly piracy-friendly since it allows free uploading of a wide variety of media. It is free to upload thousands of songs, books, and movies to your channel and you can let users download them directly. As a result, piracy and copyright infringement flourish. Many channels and bots with millions of subscribers have published infringing content without monitoring or accountability. Telegram's popularity and its financial benefits are enjoyed by thieves at the expense of copyright owners.

Now, what can be done to stop Telegram piracy? 

Although protecting your copyright in Telegram is challenging, it is not impossible. Unlike the web, Telegram has no search engines. Consequently, finding these distribution channels can be tedious and time-consuming. It is even more difficult to close them since Telegram is often reluctant to comply with DMCA requests.
Despite these difficulties, we will ensure that your copyright is protected online! Luckily, we have all the supplies you need. Over the past two years, we have worked on a specific technology for finding, verifying, and removing infringing content on Telegram. We offer protection for all content types across the Telegram ecosystem worldwide! As a result of our partnership with Telegram, we guarantee we'll take down your content within 48 hours. Copyright owners should remove the infringing content within a short time period if they wish to prevent unauthorized release in Telegram.
Over the past two years, we have restricted access to thousands of Telegram channels and bots. Here are some examples of reputable clients we have worked with:


TML EGiTim is an Ankara-based company that provides exam information in the form of easy-to-remember video stories. Pirate channels violate their rights in a number of ways. Our team has blocked all of them over the last couple of months.


Audiohatdar is another client with whom we have been working for more than a year.  Audiohatdar is an independent Arab platform that is interested in converting novels into interesting audio files, by adding effects and music that make the listener feel as if they are living by themselves within the events of the novel. For them, closing pirate channels is a very crucial issue since their financial and non-financial interests are directly connected to this matter. In addition to blocking more than 100 channels, the infringing posts have been removed permanently. 

Kenhub is an online learning platform that offers a comprehensive library of anatomy and physiology resources. The platform provides interactive quizzes, diagrams, and videos to help students and medical professionals deepen their understanding of the human body. With over 1 million users worldwide, Kenhub is a trusted resource for anyone looking to improve their knowledge of the human body.
As a trusted partner in the fight against piracy, we at Pellonia have successfully blocked several channels on Telegram for our client Kenhub, to prevent TM and copyright infringement. As an online learning platform that provides high-quality resources on anatomy and physiology, Kenhub can trust us to safeguard its valuable content from piracy.

You should not waste any time if you are experiencing piracy on Telegram. Help is at hand from our team. We have a page on our website where you can find everything you need in this regard. If you have any other questions please contact us. You will be contacted within a reasonable period of time.

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