How to Register Your Copyright in Canada

February 9, 2022

In this short article, you will learn how you can register your copyright in Canada.

Definition of copyrightable works

In general, it can be stated that all kinds of copyrightable works can be registered.
It is good to know what can be protected by copyright law. According to legal terms, copyrighted work is:
“literary and artistic works, whatever may be the mode or form of its expression, can be covered by copyright laws and it needs to be original at the same time”.
Over the years, due to new technological developments, the list of protected subject matters has been expanded. Also, the word “works” can cover various concepts.
The important point is that registration is not required to protect your work. Copyright protection becomes effective automatically from the moment a work is created.

The Benefits of Registering Your Copyright in Canada

Registration offers a number of benefits and, therefore, is recommended.

1. Registration solve some of the problems related to the use of creative content that the copyright owner can not be identified or located.

2. Registration puts others on notice that your work is protected by copyright and in fact, you are the actual and the original copyright owner.

3. As we stated above, protection is automatic. However, this does not preclude the possibility that a country may choose to impose such formalities if a right holder wants to go to court for copyright infringement. For example, in the United States, registration of the work is required for lawsuits however not a requirement for copyright protection.

4. Registration is evidence of the validity of creativity for the creation of the work and it is to establish a prima-facie!

5. Registration is not necessary to protect your financial interests, but it is facilitating access to the benefits of your work.

Explanation of the registration process

It is clear that rights holders have a natural tendency to protect their works and interests in the strongest position. If something is worth protecting, it is worth registering as well!
The requirement and cost of copyright registration vary from country to country. But the overall process is nearly the same. Of course, you have to pay a service fee, and if you seek a lawyer for this task, it will add to the bill.
You can also use Pellonia’s service in this regard. Luckily, we have a specific service to meet your needs and register your copyright in Canada in an easy and swift way! Therefore, you will be able to register your copyrights of contents accurately and ensure a seamless international registration process. Contact us now!

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