Instagram and everything you should know about copyright issues

June 10, 2022

Instagram presently has over 1 billion monthly and 500 million daily active users, with more than 95 million photos and videos shared per day. Many people are concerned about copyright issues on Instagram, what can be done if their images are being used without their permission, what happens if they post content that belongs to someone else without their consent, even without bad faith, and more. Instagram's Terms & Conditions contain comprehensive information, but its fragmented layout makes some components difficult to grasp.
All Instagram users will get an understanding of their rights and obligations by reading this short article, specifically those relating to copyright law.

The first and most important thing to note about Instagram is that it clearly states that you own any photos, videos, or other content you post and Instagram doesn't acquire ownership of your posts. Rather, you grant Instagram a non-exclusive global license to host your content, which you can terminate by deleting your content or closing your Instagram account.

Secondly, you must know you should only share photos and videos you took or are entitled to share. Always make sure you are posting authentic content, and don't post anything that you've copied or collected from the internet that you do not have the right to post, even for non-beneficial purposes.

However, there are still some circumstances where permission is not necessary; for example:
1. The image you're using is in the public domain. If you are unsure whether your use falls within the U.S. fair use provisions, you can consult a lawyer.
2. The owner of that property has made a very clear and verifiable statement that you can use it.
3. The image is licensed under the Creative Commons (CC) license. Make sure that the license specifically permits your use of that image.

In the event that someone posts our exclusive rights and infringes our rights, what do we do?
You cannot report someone else's infringing content. Reporting a suspected infringement of intellectual property rights can only be done by the rightful owner or the authorized representative of the owner.
You can report copyright infringements using the online form provided by Instagram. The process is not easy, however. To file a complaint, you must prove that you own the content, claim that your rights have been infringed, and provide your personal information which Instagram would share with the person who allegedly violated the content. By filling out the form incorrectly and misrepresenting the facts, the form may be rejected, which could result in your Instagram account being banned due to inaccurate information. Filing the form and submitting an intellectual property infringement report is a serious matter having potential legal consequences and needs to be done exactly based on the truth.
You may also be contacted by Instagram for further clarifications, and your correspondence must meet Instagram's requirements. Also, the high volume of reports received by Instagram may make the process of removing infringing posts too time-consuming!

We have a dedicated team for searching, verifying, and reporting on the infringing materials on Instagram in the shortest amount of time. If you want to take down the user who repeatedly posts content that infringes your copyright or other intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, (read this blog for more information about TM) and want the account of such user to be disabled or the Page of such user to be removed permanently in 24 hours, don't waste any more time and contact us!

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