Telegram DMCA: Top reasons to protect your content

August 30, 2022

Is Telegram abusing your intellectual property rights? Are you concerned that someone may steal your work and use it for their own commercial gain? If so, here are some key reasons to act right away!
Content created by you has value. Taking steps to protect it may be the best thing you can do. In this blog we'll review some reasons why protecting your Telegram content is essential, how it works, and why you should use it.

Prevent unauthorized access to content
content creators and rights holders are always searching for ways to restrict unauthorized distribution. With over 100 million monthly users, Telegram is a popular messenger app that can't prevent the illicit sharing of copyrighted material. It is important that content owners and rights holders take into consideration this issue when deciding whether or not they want their content shared without their approval on networks like Telegram.

Copyright protection
With over 100 million new users joining Telegram in the last year, usage of the service has increased significantly. You may have to worry about someone misusing this app and infringing your copyright in a number of ways. So, in many jurisdictions, this may erode your copyright.

Trademark protection
Many owners experienced that their brand and trademark have been copied by random users on Telegram and their financial interests have been exploited by thieves.

Prevent the sharing of content
Companies and individuals have become increasingly concerned about content sharing in recent years. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram are commonly used by people to post copyrighted material without the owner's consent. In the absence of prevention of content sharing, distributors will cease to exist.

An overview of the user interaction flow
Getting new Telegram users through your funnel is the best way to get them. You can prevent others from infringing your rights in Telegram and direct them to your preferred channel.

Take action against thieves and pirates
The act of piracy is when someone obtains and distributes copyrighted material illegally. Over the past few years, many people have used social networks to share files without permission. Due to the popularity of instant messaging applications like Telegram, content owners are unable to tell who is violating their content due to a lack of visibility. In today's world, we should treat pirates as criminals because piracy hurts both content owners and consumers. In order to combat this issue, every user should be required to sign up with their legal name when opening a new account on any chat platform. This will allow them to be identified from the onset if they violate copyright laws. In the event that a person refuses to comply, sanctions, such as fines and jail time, must be imposed. Additionally, by restricting their channels, at least their illegal activities will be terminated.

Revenue growth
Telegram offers encrypted voice, video, and chat, as well as document and picture sharing. More than 100 million people use it every month. Due to its simplicity and high level of security, the platform is very popular. Despite this, Telegram does not offer copyright protection for content shared on it; this can be problematic for companies that wish to monetize their intellectual property (IP); this can negatively impact their bottom line.

Looking for more information on submitting DMCA notices in Telegram? Click here to read more. Although Telegram's setup makes it difficult to protect your copyright, it's not impossible. You'll find everything you need here! More than a year ago, we developed an effective technology for finding, verifying, and taking down infringing content on Telegram and beyond. The Telegram team guarantees our takedowns will be completed within 48 hours!
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