What are the benefits of copyright registration

November 4, 2022

Copyright is an automatic right under international law. However, it is the creator's responsibility to reliably prove ownership in the event of a dispute. In order to expedite the removal process of infringement, most platforms require you to prove that you are the original right holder and legally allowed to control who can copy your work. By registering, makes this easy. Here, we'll explain why you should register your copyright.

An official record of ownership

The Copyright Office’s Catalog will include your work and make it searchable by the public.  The Catalog is available to anyone who is considering using this work and wishes to know that it is protected.

Legal evidence of ownership

When your copyright is formally registered, the courts can quickly stop the infringer from committing legal infringement. It means, when you register your copyrights, your ownership is officially recorded. In many copyright lawsuits, ownership is at the center of the dispute. In order to win a dispute over copyright infringement, the copyright owner must prove they are actually the valid owners of the property, even if the infringer doesn't claim ownership. Additionally, formalizing your copyright can also help fend off potential infringers.


If you register your copyright within five years of publication, it will prove its validity.
By doing this, you can prevent future challenges to your rights.

Averting financial losses

Authors of original works can benefit greatly from copyright registration. Copyright protection protects artists from monetary and reputational harm resulting from the copying of their original work, particularly through piracy in the digital world when work is unlawfully downloaded and shared.

It is recommended to register a work immediately after it is created.  In this way, a copyright holder can take advantage of all the above benefits. No doubt, rights holders tend to protect their interests and work in the strongest position possible. Registration is a must if something is worth protecting!
During the past two years, we have worked with professional attorneys to register copyrights for various types of content in Canada. We have registered a wide range of content from different clients in Canadian copyright databases and we will facilitate this process by registering your copyright within 7 working days. The certificate will be publicly accessible through the Canadian government website.

Here is an example of reputable clients we have worked with:


Kenhub is a Germany-based company that provides online materials for learning anatomy faster with anatomy illustrations, anatomy articles, and videos created by anatomy experts, and all of their contents are reviewed by expert medical professionals.
Numerous pirate channels violate their rights. We have registered their copyright, then proven their ownership and blocked the pirated channels using our Telegram services.

Prove that you own the property. Don't have proof of ownership? We can assist you in registering your content in the Canadian Copyright Database. For more info click here.

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