A tutorial on how to remove Telegram content based on DMCA guidelines

October 9, 2022

The advent of the Internet has resulted in growing access to information worldwide. Particularly, the mobile segment of the Internet is experiencing strong growth. This also means that pirated creative content is more accessible to consumers. Regulated and legal frameworks that prevent digital piracy can influence market actors' behavior, but only if they are enforced effectively. Copyright grants the creator of an original work (creative work) certain rights over that work for a limited period of time. It is the exclusive right of a copyright holder to reproduce his or her work in forms including print publications, sound recordings, distribution of copies, translations, broadcasting, licensing and/or lending it, adapting it, or performing it. So every content creator is concerned about securing the copyright of their content.  In the absence of adequate resources to enforce intellectual property rights, laws and regulations are of little value to rights holders. Piracy over Telegram is a significant problem that seems to be growing in many countries.
But is it technically and legally possible to achieve this goal in Telegram and take down pirated content within a reasonable time frame?

Infringement detection

Any anti-piracy operation begins with identifying the infringement and locating the copyrighted content. Telegram's ecosystem is much more complex than the world wide web, or social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, where pirated content can be found simply by searching for keywords in search engines. The global search for Telegram users is customized and different for each user, unlike those platforms. As a result, finding your content in the first place is one of the biggest barriers to protecting it in Telegram. We, in Pellonia, For months, Telegram engineers have been working on a DMCA solution. In order to identify potentially infringing content, we have built a global web-like crawler for both public and private channels. As a result of our database of billions of posts on Telegram, we have the capability of identifying any infringing posts in milliseconds.

Infringement verification

According to the US copyright for digital millennium:

DMCA — § 512(f) Misrepresentations Section 512(f) deters false claims of infringement by imposing liability on anyone who makes such claims, for the damages suffered by other parties as a result of the OSP’s reliance on the false claim, and for associated legal fees.

For the purpose of preventing mistakes and removing authorized releases, Telegram DMCA utilizes fingerprinting technology to ensure content authenticity with 99% accuracy.

 Infringement removal 

The identification and verification of infringing content are important, but neither is worthless without an effective way to remove pirated content. As a result, you will need a service that you can trust and rely on to meet your needs. One of the few services in the world that can provide an uninterrupted and fast takedown service in Telegram is Pellonia. In most cases, we guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted takedown within 48 hours. Read this article to learn about some of our successful experiments. 

You can use our Telegram DMCA services by filling out a specific form on our website.
If you have any further concerns please contact us from here, In a reasonable amount of time, we will get in touch with you.

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