Clubhouse and Trademark Infringement problems

August 17, 2022

Recently, the Clubhouse app has gained popularity as a social media platform. The app is useful for exchanging ideas, connecting with other professionals with the same background, as well as networking. An audio conversation can be started in the clubhouse once a user has accessed it either to participate in the conversation or just to listen to it. The audio itself, however, cannot be saved. So, you may think it's safe from digital infringement! However, it's not true!
In accordance with The Copyright Act, only the copyright owner has the exclusive right “to perform the copyrighted work publicly.” (Section 106) Performing a copyrighted work publicly is not included in renting or purchasing a motion picture or other audiovisual work. Therefore, copyrighted music cannot be played on Clubhouse without the owner's permission!
In addition, keeping protected from trademark piracy is one of the major concerns of content creators and brand owners! In other words, it will cause confusion for consumers and can harm your reputation if someone creates fake clubs on your behalf and uses your exclusive trademark.
What is the best and most effective way to prevent users from stealing another Trademark? You can learn how to do it in this short article.

Infringement occurs when someone uses your TM without your consent. If you believe your Trademark is being used without permission, Clubhouse lets you report the infringement. However, without detecting the piracy and investigating the infringement in accordance with copyright law, it cannot be sufficient or effective.
Furthermore, taking down fake clubs in a reasonable amount of time is essential, otherwise, your own Trademark will be misused and revenue will be reduced significantly!

Legal Requirements:

The best and most straightforward way to prove that your Trademark has been stolen is to prove that you are the owner of it.
If you want to ensure that your Trademark does not end up in the hands of someone else, you should register it. It is very important that you do not skip this step. This will not only benefit you greatly but will also make it more difficult for others to steal your own Trademark. In the event that someone does indeed steal your Trademark, it is much easier to take legal action if the owner has a Trademark registration certificate.
Registering your content as copyright or your Trademark should be left to experienced attorneys since it is not simple. The process may need to be restarted if a mistake is made, and you won't know if it's done correctly. So, asking help from a legal team is crucial if you treat it as a business. You can learn more about copyright registration here, and Trademark registration here.
We have an expert team of specialists who can help you register your Trademark in Canada and beyond.
By using our automated system services, we can also detect if someone has stolen your Trademark and created fake clubs within milliseconds. We can also assist you in content and publicity rights protection from activities within Clubhouse, help you in intellectual property legal matters, and much more.

Since 2020, we have helped hundreds of Trademark owners to protect their ™  on a variety of platforms. If you are looking for a trusted anti-piracy service to protect your content, contact us today using this form: Here

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