Learn how to protect your copyright and brand in Shopify

November 18, 2022

With a 100% success rate, we can remove a Shopify store that infringes on your copyright or trademark. Copyright law protects your content and ensures that it belongs exclusively to you. Unfair rivalry can be prevented by stopping theft and illegal copying.

Shopify is a business platform that allows business owners to sell products and services online, at physical retail locations, on marketplaces, and more via their own websites. Despite Shopify's mission to make commerce better for everyone, some activities are incompatible with its mission of free and open exchange of ideas and products. An important prohibition will occur when goods or services are offered, and materials are posted or uploaded, that violate others' copyrights or trademarks. Therefore, Store owners need to protect their intellectual property and make sure that they don't infringe on someone else's intellectual property.
It is crucial to understand the consequences of uploading copyrighted materials or using another brand's trademark. A permanent suspension or termination will be imposed on your account for those who are repeat infringers. A complete and correct removal request must be submitted before any of these things can happen!

How can we remove a copyright or trademark infringement efficiently and accurately?

Detection and investigation of infringements

In order to do this, a legal team must monitor or investigate the uploaded materials and detect any intellectual property or Shopify Terms of Service violations.

Legal submissions with accuracy

The final and binding decision will be made by our legal team on whether Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy and IP law have been violated. There have been complaints from many customers that Shopify did not respond to their legal submissions at all. This is why it is so important to identify whether or not a violation has occurred. We guarantee 100% accuracy in the detection of violations by complying with each case according to the law and revising them when necessary.

Conflict resolution

Upon submission, our team will monitor the claim's status and in case of a conflict, we will resolve it to ensure the pirate account is terminated and the infringing materials are removed. In the event of a conflict between an AUP and the applicable law, the law will take precedence. In this case, there would be some legal advisors who are familiar with IP law and the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). legal counsel will provide legal advice and help with specific questions about intellectual property.

Counter Notice

If you believe the content was taken offline due to a mistake or incorrect identification, we will submit a counter notice to resolve the issue.

Don't waste time and contact us today if you have experienced infringement in Shopify! Visit this page for more information.
In different areas of the digital world including but not limited to Telegram DMCA, TikTok, Discord, Clubhouse and etc. we will remove pirated content.
Also if you want to prove that you own the property and don't have proof of ownership, we can assist you in registering your content in the Canadian Copyright Database. For more info click here.

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